preview extension

Having covered preview extension for Firefox which shows preview of URLs before we are going to click in Twitter. Always safe to know what the original URL is in twitter. Now preview extension also available for Chrome as well which is good news for twitter users using Google Chrome.

Since by default Twitter automatically shrinks tweet to 140 characters, then long URLs will be automatically shortened with, since being the default URL shortener for twitter. Forget about URL shortener as most users use to track statistics of clicked links and other metrics . Presently offers enhanced spam and malware protection to its users.

Preview of URL in Chrome

Visit extension for Chrome page and install it, restart your Chrome browser. Though claims clicking icon in toolbar loads Sidebar, which is not working for beta version of Chrome at the time of writing this article. At least twitter users using web interface of twitter were able to preview long URLs  shortened with with this extension much like extension does for Firefox.Safe  and secured tweeting..

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