IE Tab in Chrome

Google developed an add-on for IE called Google Chrome Frame to bring Chrome rendering engine into IE, due to IE Browser not supporting latest technologies like HTML5 for their communication and collaborative tool, Google Wave.Since extensions for Chrome now available, an extension called IE Tab will run IE rendering engine in Chrome .

It is true that lot of websites designed in older days before evolution of Firefox to support Internet Explorer, that means those sites won’t run properly on other browsers like Firefox and Chrome. If you are a developer or user to test IE based websites in Chrome, you can use IE tab extension to run them in Chrome tab without leaving Chrome.

Internet Explorer Rendering Engine in Chrome

IE tab extension brings IE rendering engine into Chrome, that means all websites that designed to run in IE will run in Chrome too with this extension. If you run Google Wave with IE tab in a tab, then it will asks to install Google Chrome Frame, since IE rendering engine is running in Chrome rather than Chrome rendering Engine which supports Google Wave.

Google Wave in IE tab in Chrome

After installing IE Tab, If you want to run a webpage in IE, click IE Tab on toolbar, will open Internet Explorer in a tab in Chrome with separate address bar for IE. This will  help Chrome to get some share from IE :) as it renders IE rendering engine in Chrome.

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