How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks On Multiple Computers

by Venkat eswarlu on December 29, 2009

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 How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks On Multiple Computers

As Google Chrome (Beta) now supports extensions and Bookmarks sync, it’s time to enable Bookmark sync feature for Google Chrome to access same set of Bookmarks on multiple computers with the single Google Account. It is hard for any user to track the bookmarks saved in another computer and merge them without use of Xmarks extension.

How to enable Bookmarks Sync Feature in Chrome

It will be handy for any user to use Bookmark Sync, used to work on multiple computers. Just open Chrome, select Wrench menu click “Synchronize my bookmarks” and sign into Google account with your username and password. If everything goes fine, you will see a window with success message showing that your bookmarked synced to your Google account. You can access these bookmarks in Google Docs also, since they were synced to  your Google Docs account.

Now user need to do the same process again on another computer signing with same Google Account, click “Merge and Sync” for bookmarks to be accessed on those two computers. The bookmarks bookmarked will be updated on the Synced computers with in seconds.

 How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks On Multiple Computers

Stopping Syncing bookmarks

To stop syncing Google Chrome Bookmarks for particular Google Account click “ Bookmarks Synced “from Wrench menu , in the “Google Chrome options” under the Personal stuff tab select “stop syncing this account” opposite to Bookmark Sync feature.

 How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks On Multiple Computers

How bookmark Sync Feature works in Google Chrome

So having enabled Bookmark Sync feature for Chrome with your Google account, all those bookmarks will be saved to your Google account.After you enable sync feature on another computer, Chrome will Merge and save your bookmarks to same Google Account. These  merged bookmarks will be shown in bookmarks bar on synced  computers in Google Chrome.

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Sandrina January 4, 2010 at 3:05 pm

I did not know about this option before. Xmarks is a great tool too but I avoid having too many add-ons because it slows down the browser and this does not require any add-on instalation. It automatically stores bookmarks to google docs account. Really great tip!


venkat January 4, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Yes it is really very useful to users working on multiple computers to access their bookmarks from toolbar in Chrome. All you need to do is synchronization across all computers. Welcome to the blog, thanks for your comment


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