An email account contains lot of data from personal information to bank statements, nobody wants others to see them.If you are Gmail user, Gmail offers lot of security features to its users from spam and phishing protection to Password recovery of account via SMS. Have you forgotten to sign out of Gmail from public computer or friend’s computer, Gmail offers to sign out of those sessions remotely to protect your account.

These things do happen, where any person can forget to sign out from public computer. What happens if any other bad guy get’s control of your account through that, all your personal and confidential information will be in danger.If you used to sign into Gmail from multiple computers, then Gmail’s remote sign out feature will be very useful to you.

To track your Gmail account activity, sign into Gmail with your username and password, in footer observe Last account activity, clicking Details will show the activity information for your Gmail account along with your computer IP address, last accessed date and time details in another window.

Last Account activity

If you observed that your Gmail account was accessed at another location with different IP address other than your computer’s,that means some one accessed your account with out your authorization.You need to change your password and do other things which may helps you gain control of your account.

Activity of Gmail account

You can sign out all other sessions except the present session by clicking “sign out all other sessions”.

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