revoke access  to applications

At present there are lot of application developed by developers for both micro blogging platforms Twitter and Yahoo Meme. If you want these applications to update data in your accounts, these applications should connect to your account through OAuth Protocol recommended by twitter and Yahoo Meme. OAuth protocol securely connects application to your account without need for you to share your password.

OAuth Connection in twitter

These third party applications will update your account on behalf of you. For any application to connect your twitter account developed with twitter API, it should connect through OAuth protocol. You can change your password for twitter account without affecting these external applications. There are other third party applications which requires your username and password to update your account. Twitter won’t recommend these applications, twitter recommends secured OAuth connection which will not share your password.

Allowing access to applications

If you want to automate your account through another website, that website asks you to connect to your account. You should allow or deny this application. If you allows this application, you need to login to twitter with username and password for this application to connect to your account. All applications connected  to your twitter account visible in connections in settings.

allowing apps to access account

Revoke access to applications

If you don’t want these applications to update your data in twitter and Yahoo Meme, then you can revoke or deactivate connections those apps established earlier.

For twitter

To revoke access to particular application connected to your twitter account, login to twitter with username and password , click Settings >Connections click Revoke Access for any particular application.

revoke access - twitter

For Yahoo Meme

To revoke access to applications connected to your Yahoo Meme account that will be your yahoo account, sign into  Yahoo with your username and password visit Yahoo API page under “Revocable Settings” select application and click continue to deactivate .

revoke services in Yahoo Meme

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