If WLIDSVC.EXE and WLIDSVCM.EXE processes keep appearing in Windows Task Manager whenever you open it, by seeing these processes names, you can easily understand that they belong to Windows Live service, they are not viruses, that’s for sure. Are these processes related to any application installed in your computer and wondering how to remove them, we’ll tell you how.

If you’ve installed recently released Bing Bar in your computer, you should know, it installs Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant component automatically along with Bing Bar. This Bing Bar both in IE and Firefox offers hotmail button, which allows to login to Windows Live ID or hotmail accounts much like Gmail button does in Google Toolbar.

wlidsv_exe,wlidsvcm_exe processes in Task Manager

Importance of Windows Live ID sign-in Assistant

If you are using more than one Windows Live ID account for your computer, then Windows Live ID Sign-in assistant makes it easy for you by saving multiple Windows Live ID accounts credentials and presents a list, with which, users able to log into their accounts instantly with a single click. This Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant will be installed along with live toolbar or other toolbar of Microsoft, here Bing Bar.

Uninstalling Bing Bar

Uninstalling Bing Bar or other live toolbars won’t remove WLIIDSVC.EXE and WLIDSVVM.EXE  processes from your computer. Uninstalling Windows Live ID Sign-in assistant will remove these processes from your computer.

Removing Live ID sign-in assistant without uninstalling toolbar Bing Bar will affect the functionality of Bing Bar, so don’t do like that.

If you don’t want Bing Bar along with Windows Live ID Sign–In Assistant, then uninstall Bing Bar first, after that, uninstall Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant.

Update  04/03/2011:  If you haven’t found Bing Bar or Windows Live ID sign-in assistant in installed programs list, then follow the below procedure.

1. Click Start Menu>Run>services.msc> find “Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant” set its start up type to ‘Manual’.

2. Open Internet Explorer>From Tools click ‘Manage Add-ons’ and Disable “Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper” add-on.

3. Restart Your Computer.

Hope that helps, if you’ve any doubts, ask me in the comments.