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VLC Player is an open source media player plays all video and audio format files preferred by a lot of users. Is VLC player only for playing media files? No, there is something more to play and fun with playing your videos with special effects in VLC player.

You may already know setting playing video as wallpaper on desktop in VLC player by selecting DirectX wallpaper from video menu.

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Special Effects in VLC player

1. Rotate video by 90 degree angle: While playing any video in VLC player, select Tools>Video>Effects and Filters > select Basic . You can now rotate video angle by 90, 180, 270 degrees and you can even flip the video to appear horizontally or vertically in the player.

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2.You can Zoom the video by selecting  “Magnification/Zoom “ from Geometry tab and you can rotate video at various angles by selecting Rotate followed by angle in Geometry tab. You can also select the “Puzzle game” to view video frame with different slides.

3. Enter the desired color code under “Color threshold”, which will remove the pixels with those color code on video. You can also see the changes in color pixels of video with “Invert colors” and “Color extraction”.

How to Remove Santa Hat in VLC Player – This is For don’t want Users Only

4. Under “Image Modification” setting in Video Effects, selecting Gradient and Cartoon turns video to cartoon characters. Similarly, you can have fun with waves effect, water effect and in Motion blur. You can have fun with Motion detect, Noise and Psychedelic effects.

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