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If you participated in a Wave or other contact joins you to Wave, those Wave updates keep appearing in your inbox when they are get updated. Also If you searched for public waves with:public in Google Wave those updates keep reaches top of your inbox which makes you annoy and your inbox gets cluttered.

If you are a newbie to Google Wave, you can still make your Google Wave inbox clutter free. In Google Wave, in the search panel there are Follow, Unfollow, archive , Inbox,Spam , Read, Unread , Trash, Move to buttons available.

Unfollow Waves: If you do not want to get update notifications of wave in your inbox, select that wave and click unfollow it, those wave update notifications will not appear in your inbox again. But if you search for it, that wave updates will  appear with unfollowed grey label in the inbox. To unfollow multiple waves, select several the waves in search panel with shift key and click unfollow button. If unknown contacts adds to you to a particular wave using unfollow will help those update notifications not to appear in your inbox.

unfollow particular waves

unfollowed wave

Archive Waves: All users familiar to archive feature in Gmail, similarly here if you do not want any wave to appear in your inbox,  if you click Archive button that wave will be removed temporarily from inbox. You can still find it by searching for that wave and if anyone updates archive wave those wave updates appears in your inbox. To archive multiple waves select several waves by pressing shift key and click archive button to move them out of inbox. These archived can be found by clicking All in Navigation panel.

archiving waves

Similarly you can use Trash button to delete unwanted waves from inbox. In Google Wave, if any wave keep showing in bold, select that wave and click as read.

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