All users using pirated copy of Windows are familiar to Windows Genuine Advantage notifications about Windows not being genuine. I already covered fix to that. Microsoft has already added Office Genuine Advantage notification (OGA) feature to their update one year back, OGA will check for Office XP, 2003, 2007 versions and notifies in a tray with message “This copy of Microsoft Office is not Genuine” if they are not using original office software.

So users using pirated versions of Windows and MS office get OGA notification as a bonus :) .

Why am I getting this Office Genuine Advantage Notification?

You are using pirated versions of Microsoft Office 2003\XP\2007 in your computer. As you run update unknowingly, along with WGA, OGA tool checks for original versions of office and if they are not original it shows notification message with Office being not genuine message.

How to remove Office Genuine Advantage notifications?

Presently there is a tool which removes Office Genuine advantage restrictions from your computer. Download the bat file save to your computer, run the batch file. From now you won’t be able to see Office Genuine advantage notifications in unless you update your Windows again.

Office Genuine advantage uninstaller

Download OGA uninstaller tool

Things to do and avoid for these Genuine Advantage notifications not appear again

Having known you are not using legitimate windows, you should never update Windows again. Also turn off Windows Update feature.  Read how to do them from below articles

How to Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows XP

Disabling Windows XP Security Alerts Notifications