Fastest DNS Servers

A Lot of users may get confused with Internet giant, Google claiming Google DNS Server offers much improved speed for the internet. Most fall into a dilemma whether to shift to Google DNS or use the Default DNS provided by their ISP?.

The good news is that along with Google Public DNS resolver, Google also released a tool named Namebench, an open DNS benchmark utility, which hunts for fastest DNS servers for your computer, and also shows recommended fastest and nearest DNS Servers available for you.

The problem with changing your DNS server provided by an ISP can be unexpected. Some websites may not load properly, it’s good to always revert back to default DNS service provider when that happens.

It is true that you are connected openly to the Internet, you have to secure your computer by using anti-virus software. OpenDNS is one DNS service that filters malicious websites.

Namebench is a free tool that searches for fastest DNS servers available to your computer using your browser history, tcpdump output or using standardized datasets. If you ran Namebench, after various tests, it shows recommended configuration, including Primary DNS server, Secondary and Territory DNS server which is best for your PC.

By default, the number of tests to run in namebench set to 200, which may take a lot of time, so minimize the number of tests 50 or to your desired count. Namebench checks your connection quality and searches for all available global DNS servers, including OpenDNS, UltraDNS and also searches for best regional DNS servers available.

After benchmarking servers, it shows the best DNS server and the detailed report in a browser with fastest and nearest configuration.

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Below are the results shown when I included Google DNS Server IPs in the nameservers list in namebench, it suggested Google DNS is faster than OpenDNS. For different ISPs results may vary, run namebench on your compute, then decide which to use for optimal internet performance.

namebench_tested servers _results

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