poll in wave

Do you want to engage with your contacts and friends on a particular topic in Google Wave, then polls are best way to do it.  Polly the pollster bot will  let you create polls in Google Wave with custom questions and multiple choice answers by adding any number of contacts as participants .

Adding Polly the pollster as a contact

Before creating a poll in Google Wave, you need to add polly the pollster bot as a contact to your account. You can add polly bot as contact by clicking + sign beside “Manage Contacts” and type polly-wave@appspot.com in address field.

Creating Poll

Now click “New Wave “ and add “polly the pollster “ as participant, then poll will be initiated.  You need to enter poll title , question for the poll, enter the options one by one pressing Enter in Choices, add all the participants addresses in Recipients’ field separated by commas like you fill multiple email addresses. Preview of the poll appears below the poll, click “Distribute Poll” and submit the poll once you are satisfied with the preview by clicking “submit poll” button.

Poll in Google Wave

All participants can participate by selecting radio button against their desired answer and submit poll by clicking “Submit Poll” button. You can know the result of poll with a graph like below.

Poll results in Google Wave

Polly bot may becomes unstable sometimes with over number of  participants.

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