For future references, a lot of people save important notes in notepad as a text file, that’s because opening notepad and saving text takes less time. But it will be useful to combine all multiple text files into single a text file, TXTcollector does just that.

Though there are lots of notes saving applications  available on the internet like Evernote for e.g., but most people prefer notepad, MSWord to save copied data from web pages. But by the time user looks at all the text files he saved, if he needs to open them to read, it’s a bit disgusting. TXTcollector grabs all text files from a directory and combines them and saves to desktop as a single text file. TXTcollector also will be useful in a way to append all log files into a single one for system administrators.

How to Use TXTcollector

TXTcollector is a freeware program, after installing the program on your computer, run it. Click on ‘Browse folders ” and select the folder, it  cans and shows the total number of text files in that directory. Click “Combine files”, it combines them and asks to save the file to your desktop.

TXTCollector -combines multiple text files

TXTcollector supports all Operating Systems including Windows 7.

Download TXTcollector

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