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Firefox is the browser which is now used by a lot of users for safe and secured surfing. AVG LinkScanner works with both IE and Firefox, protects users from malicious downloads, links and also alerts with ratings in search engine results like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. If Firefox was installed after AVG was installed, then users will loose LinkScanner component protection feature .

Whenever a user install AVG anti-virus, AVG linkScanner will be integrated into IE and Firefox with two components. One is AVG Surf-Shield and other is AVG Search-Shield.

1.AVG Surf–Shield protects user from downloading malicious files and scans the WebPages content before it being delivered to user’s computer. So Before user going to click a link, AVG LinkScanner scans it and alerts user if it malicious.

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2. AVG Search-Shield alerts users by showing safety rating for search results appears on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search engines.

These two features are very important, place vital role in protecting users both in IE and Firefox. To add AVG LinkScanner to Firefox

Download the latest AVG setup file, save to your computer. Restart your computer and run installer file. Follow the instructions on the screen, when AVG asks you about setup type choose “ Repair installation” option and choose the option to install AVG security Toolbar . After installation, Update AVG. After that LinkScanner will be successfully added to Firefox allows to protect users from dangerous websites.

setup type in AVG 9.0

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