Besides AVG anti-virus offering free protection from viruses and spyware another major feature makes surfing safer is AVG LinkScanner. AVG LinkScanner protects users from malicious websites and shows ratings for search results that appear in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo , Bing etc. It’s always poised down to how AVG LinkScanner works in the background.

In my opinion AVG LinkScanner is the main reason for users to prefer AVG over MSE. AVG LinkScanner is the only tool that detects and alerts before clicking suspicious shortened links on social networking sites like Twitter, Digg and other sites. AVG link scanner scans the pages with links you are going to click or type in your browser. LinkScanner shows safe, risky  ratings for search results appears in search engines. There is more chance of user going to click links unknowingly in search engines and social networking sites that’s where LinkScanner protects the users .

Karel Obluk, CTO of AVG in one of AVG blogs says about AVG LinkScanner as  “it scans the web page content as that content is delivered to your computers and identifies the delivery  mechanism pattern that indicates potential malware delivery. When it identifies something suspicious, it blocks the page.”

Though AVG LinkScanner is integrated in AVG Anti-virus, it is available as free for other anti-virus  users to safely surf the web. AVG LinkScanner works with other anti-viruses without any problems.

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