Vexed with Windows Search Companion or any application unable to show you the files you searched for in your computer, try Everything which shows names of files and folders stored in your computer as quickly as Google Search shows the web results .

Everything worth recommended free tool for every PC user, shows every file and folder name as you start typing . After you install Everything it takes less time to to index all the files stored in local hard drives of My Computer. Everything does show search results with in seconds from indexed database because it searches for file and folder names only not for contents.

file and folder search in Everything

Everything with simple interface, easy to use indexes all files very quickly, does not hog CPU resources as well .It’s freeware also. Any user hard drive now a days stored with lot of Software, videos, MP3 and other files. If user don’t categorize these programs it’s a pain to find these programs from Windows Search companion. Don’t worry Everything will show any file or folder with in a second though you can’t organize them .

Just right click on Everything search in System tray,  click New Search Window and start searching for file or folder.

Download Everything

Download Everything Portable

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