Google Chrome as holiday gift

Though Google offering holiday doodles for users at the end of the year which is common as we seeing this from old days. Google came up with new plan to market Google Chrome is asking users to share Google Chrome with artist themes to their friends and family members from, launched exclusively for Chrome promotion in this holiday season. Not a bad idea though.

If you visit Google Chrome Blog, their blog post smarter holiday shopping with Chrome extensions(Beta). wishing happy holidays to users. What you can also observe on the blog is promotion of Google chrome by placing Google Chrome icon as gift which asks to share Google Chrome with friends and family members at

If you visit GiveChrome website, you will observe Creative Common type video mentioning sweet happy words about Google Chrome

“Give Google Chrome for holidays

Google Chrome is now really easy to share. So if you’re looking for gift ideas,why not wrap up Google Chrome with one of our shiny artist themes and  give the gift of super fast browsing .Google Chrome is so simple to use even your grandma will love it.”

Google Chrome for holiday season

If you click “Create your gift(it’s free) “ you will be presented with several artist themes and  if you select any one  of themes, click “Continue” to proceed further. Enter First name of person and Email address whom you want to send chrome as gift and add your message, upload your favorite photo or video, enter your name and email address and hit “send gift button” to send Chrome as a gift.  Finally a message shows gift on its ways and asks  you to share this with your friends on twitter and Facebook. Voila :) ,Yet another creative promotion plan from Google to promote Chrome offers super fast browsing as claimed by Google.

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