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Since launching Chromium OS as open source project, lot of websites have placed developer builds of Chromium OS for download and use. Google clarifies the difference between Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS.

Google Says:

1.Google Chrome OS is not yet ready for consumers to try , Google Chrome OS will be released next year and will be different from Chromium OS builds users are using now.

2.Google confirms that they have not yet released any binary of Chromium OS and so users must trust the websites from which they are downloading Chromium OS binaries.

3. Google officially not supporting any of these builds, users are downloading them from developers websites only not from Google sites .

Google Chrome Open source project Announcement(video)

Difference between Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS

Since Chromium OS is open source and code is available to public, any developer can modify the code and build their own developer builds. Google Chrome OS will be shipped next year on Netbooks . Google compares what Google Chrome is to Chromium then Google Chrome OS is to Chrome OS. Google appreciates developers for building Chromium OS binaries and asking developers to call their builds as Chromium OS binaries instead of Google Chrome OS.

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