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Google yesterday unveiled their Google labs tool called Browser Size in their 20% time. Browser Size tool will help website designers to place their top content on prominent place to get more attention from the users. Browser Size is sample data collected from visitors visiting .Special code contains height and width of the browsers for sample users.

Google explains this with placing a donate button on non profit button below a page may lack 20% attention from visitors, where browser size shows it in 80% region. User have to scroll to down to see the donate button. 20% is significant number as website owner wants to grab attention of a particular button or page from audience.

Update: Browser Size is no longer available, it has been integrated into Google Analytics, which you can access from ‘In-page Analytics’ in ‘Behavior’.

Browser Size does show at a given point how many percentage of users see it. Thus web designer may move the content to top position for better view. Since visitors browser windows don’t be with full screen and with toolbars and other stuff occupies more space in browser, web designer needs to take necessary steps to make sure their top content viewed by all.

Technically inspired view in Browser size

Google tells that by moving “download button” for Google earth 100 pixels up increased Google Earth downloads by 10%. Browser Size does help web designers to redesign their pages to show top content always visible prominent to audience. Visit Google labs and enter the website URL, Browser Size tells you which part of user interface visitors see and which won’t.

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