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Though lot of folks felt Google Wave is for Geeks, but if you are a Gmail user you will observe Google make you feel home with showing similar Gmail features in Google Wave.

With the Navigation panel located on left side in Google Wave which allows to access waves much similar to accessing messages from inbox in Gmail. In Google Wave you have Contacts panel where your friends appear and also the contacts from your Gmail account are also visible, whereas in Gmail chat feature which loads contacts whom you have often send messages.

In Gmail with the chat feature you can quickly send message to contacts even they are offline, in Google Wave you can ping any one and start conversation right away if they are online. Similar to Gmail  in Google Wave, online contacts appear with a green bubble irrespective of it’s position. You can search for messages in Gmail, here in you can search for waves with the search option provided.

You can archive a message in Gmail which moves from Inbox to All Mail folder as in Wave you can archive a Wave which will be removed from inbox and still appears if you search for it. You can attach files in Gmail in wave you can do that also.

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