Windows _Security Center

Security Center in Windows manages security settings for PC user. In Security Center there will be three security features Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates and Anti-virus protection turned on by default after installing Windows. Security Center monitors these three security essentials and alerts users whenever any one of setting gets disabled. Due to some Trojans or viruses Security Center will be disabled.

Problems can arise with Security Center Service stop functioning

It is important for any PC user that Security Center should function automatically at startup. If Security Center is disabled that means the system is compromised and your security is in danger. The most worst thing that should not happen to the PC user is Firewall gets turned off by Trojans or viruses. As user connected directly to Internet, that is chaos for user which allows hackers gain control of the PC. It’s necessary for any PC user to keep an eye on functioning of this Security Center despite powerful anti-virus installed in computer.

If the Security Center shows “The Security Center is currently unavailable because the “Security Center” has not started or was stopped.. “ and security alerts appears grey.

security center unavailable

Reason for Security Center to be disabled

In most cases the reason for Security Center to stop working is due to system may be infected with Trojans and viruses. Malwares may have stopped the Windows Security Center. This can be confirmed by making sure Security Center is Started and Startup type is set as automatic in Services.

Fix to Security Center to Function normally

From Start menu type “services.msc” (without quotes), in the Services window select ‘S’ letter  in keyboard to reach to Security Center and right click on it select Properties and in “Startup type” choose “Automatic” and click Apply to save the changes. Make sure Security Center status is started . Now Security Center in Control Panel shows it’s default security settings window.

set security center status as automatic startup

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