If any AVG user gets continuous resident shield alerts from AVG like “Threat removed, host file contains forbidden domain name guru.avg.com Detected on open” means user’s hosts file is compromised.  AVG shows threat being removed warnings continuously, reason virus still exists in memory.

forbidden domain nmae in hosts file

Why AVG showing such warning? is threat dangerous

Unknowingly while browsing websites malware has been downloaded to user’s computer and it has made changes to hosts file, the changes made to it are hidden will not be shown when hosts file opened with notepad either. AVG continuously shows these tray warnings even though it says threat being removed.That means malware still exists in user’s computer.

To stop AVG Resident shield  prompting to remove threat continuously which may be interference to threat removal, open AVG user interface and in double click Resident Shield under “Resident Shield settings”  select “Remove all threats automatically” and save changes.

AVG resident shield

Consequences of modified hosts file

Since the hosts file being modified it affects the user’s browsing experience. Security sites like Symantec, Kaspersky and other security sites won’t open instead they will be redirected to Google.Scary situation faced by any user. User need to get rid of malware in his computer using Malwarebytes Anti-malware(MBAM). User need to bring MBAM setup  file from another computer and install it if MBAM site being redirected in case.

Removing the threat from user’s computer

User should update  Malwarebytes Anti-malware before performing a quick scan, preferring safe mode is the best option.Once MBAM finds threats remove them and restart your computer.

Resetting hosts file to default

After removing malware that compromised hosts file, we need to bring hosts file to it’s default.

Read the article below how to do it.

How to Reset Hosts File to its default

After fixing hosts file , open any security website like Symantec you will find browser loading Symantec website without redirecting to Google. And also pop ups from AVG resident shield will not appear. That means user’s computer is secured.

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