Having covered about screenshots of upcoming Firefox 4.0 which reminds Chrome User Interface, now Mozilla wants to give more importance to home button by moving it to a home tab which makes personalized homepage similar to My Yahoo, iGoogle with browser history, add-ons, bookmarks.

It is true that we can set our favorite website as homepage to start along with the browser on startup. We can also set Firefox to load multiple pages as home page. This home button doesn’t have much to do besides that. Mozilla wants to make Home button as Home tab which contains browser add-ons, bookmarks, history and also ability  to add gadgets to that page much like we personalize iGoogle page by adding various gadgets.

wireframe for home tab in Firefox 4.0

mockup for home tab in firefox 4.0

Home tab in Firefox 4.0 will be locally hosted tab that contains more info tailored to their personal  usage of browser .

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