Google Toolbar with share feature

Since Google Launched their URL shortener which is integrated into Google Toolbar and FeedBurner to share web pages with shortened links. Google Toolbar with this sharing feature now available to IE and Firefox only. Now latest Google toolbar which enables users to share web pages with shortened URLS now available for download.

But let me tell you that this toolbar no longer showing PageRank information for web pages which is bit sad. But this toolbar supports sharing web pages on popular services like Twitter, Gmail, FriendFeed, Blogger, Digg and Yahoo Mail etc. So it’s worth to install this latest toolbar for Firefox.

After installing Google Toolbar for Firefox , click settings under share button and select the services like twitter, Gmail , FriendFeed , Facebook and Blogger as shown in figure. Which adds their buttons beside to share button in toolbar.

add most often used services to share button

Google Toolbar with share button

How to share web pages with Google Toolbar

Now if you wish to tweet an interesting web page to your followers, just click twitter button beside share button , if you already signed into twitter then a new window will be opened with page title and shortened URL, all you need to do add hashtags to it if you want and clicking “Update” button. shortened URL with page title from Google toolbar

You can share similarly for all popular services like Facebook, Gmail , and Digg etc. This toolbar gives the options to share interesting stuff found on the web to your friends and followers on popular services.

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