about Bing Bar

Microsoft released Bing toolbar Bing Bar for IE and Firefox. Bing Bar similar to Google Toolbar allows to search for information access news, videos,  images,  access to hotmail with hotmail button and autofill button to auto fill forms.

Bing Bar

Bing Bar features

1. Search the web , access news, videos, images, music, etc.

2. Instant access to Hotmail account with hotmail button added in the Bing Bar.

3. Autofill forms automatically that is whenever you need to fill same information again on forms, you can use Autofill button to fill the forms for you.

4. Safety Center which is integrated into Bing Bar checks for pop up blocker, phishing protection features and shows safety level protection for your computer with Green or Red color security icon.

5. Surf browsing privately clicking private icon in Bing Bar(In private browsing) for IE8 only, IE6, IE7 doesn’t support  private browsing. Clicking private button in Firefox will show a message that Firefox has already has private browsing feature already enabled.

6. User can customize or rearrange the position of  icons in Bing Bar by dragging and dropping icons on the Bing Bar.

Installing Bing Bar

While installing Bing Bar make sure you unchecked features like Windows update, Bing as a default search engine, setting your homepage to MSN, and allowing Microsoft to share your system information, surfing habits and search info .

Bing Bar installer

Bing Bar does take lot of time to install. You need to close IE and Firefox browsers before installing Bing Bar.

Bing bar supports

Operating systems :  Windows XP sp2/Vista /7

Browsers : IE6, IE7, IE8  and Firefox 3.0 above.

Download  Bing Bar

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