Posting comments on Blogs will give you backlinks and also shows your identity. Some post comments to express their view on articles, and some post comments only for the sake of backlinks. Posting spam comments may hurt your blog reputation badly. If you are active commentator on various blogs easyComment add-on fills the forms automatically, so you only need to type your message.

Use of easyComment Firefox add-on

For posting multiple comments in any blog repeated typing of  your name, email address and your website address is required. EasyComment fills these forms automatically, which saves few keystrokes and your time also. Very productive add-on for active commentators.

Creating profile in easyComment

After installing easyComment add-on for Firefox, you need to create a profile by clicking “Mange profiles” from the easyComment in Status bar. You need to name the profile, and include details like your name, email address and website address. That’s it your profile is created.

create profile in easyComment

From now on whenever you need to comment on a blog, click easyComment from status bar in Firefox or press hotkey already enabled for it in options of easyComment. With a click easyComment automatically fills name, email address and website address details. You only need to type your comment and submit it voila :).


EasyComment supports Disqus, WordPress, IntenseDebate, Movable type etc. Unfortunately easyComment not supports blogger blogs comment system. (Thanks to denharsh)

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