Chromed Bird extension

There are lot of twitter extensions available for Firefox like TwitterBar and others, similarly Google chrome also has some extensions for Twitter. Chromed Bird twitter extension for Chrome allows to follow your timelines and also interact with your twitter account.

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird features

1.If there are any new tweets in your timeline, twitter bird icon on the toolbar turns into red and shows new tweet count below it with red color.

2.Any user can access his timelines and update tweets from Chromed Bird .

3.User can track his mentions on twitter and also DMs sent for him.

4.Users can send tweets, retweet the tweets with RT button and also can share tweets with Share button provided under each tweet.

5. Users can shorten URLs from Chromed Bird it self.

6.Chromed Bird notifies if there are any new tweets.

7. Users have the option to set any one of,, as URL shortener from options by clicking Wrench menu clicking extensions and by selecting Chromed Bird.

Installing Chromed Bird Extension for Chrome

Visit Chromed Bird extension page install it. Chromed Bird appears on the toolbar in Chrome. Sign into twitter with username and password, click Chromed Bird which asks twitter to access your account and  it will be authorized by twitter to access and update your data on behalf of you if you Allow it. And from then onwards, clicking on Chromed Bird will show the drop down window with your timeline, mentions and DMs. Happy tweeting..

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