bit.ly_logo The default URL shortener for Twitter, going to provide more protection to users from malware and spam links . is adding 3 news services to extend their spam and malware protection they are currently offering to users.

Bit.y to add VeriSign’s iDefence IP reputation service which detects and defends malware. IDefence blacklist includes malicious websites URLs, domains and IP addresses. Second service is Websense Threatseeker cloud service, flags spam and malicious URLs by analyzing the links in real time. Third service is from security vendor Sophos, uses their behavior–analysis technology service to detect spam and malware.

The above said  three services will be added to over next few weeks. So twitter users should feel more safe and comfortable with links. If you are a twitter user, there will be always threat with shortened links on twitter, you should use preview add-on for Firefox which shows preview of the original URLs before you click. Preview add-on presently shows preview of shortened links in and Tinyurl only.

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