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Bing featured winner’s photo of Bing homepage photo contest on their homepage held few months back. That contest was success and lot of facebook users were participated in it. Now Bing ready to launch yet another photo contest for their homepage naming it as “ Home Sweet Homepage” photo contest.

The theme of the contest is “hometown pride”.  That is any  one who wants to participate in this contest needs to take photos of beautiful of places of their town and demonstrate them. Winner’s town image will be featured on Bing homepage on January 6, 2010.  The contest winner will be announced on December 21 decided by popular votes in first round, editorial selection before finals, and by popular votes in the finals.

All the details about the contest will be placed in Bing facebook page. So the  contest winner’s home town will be featured on the Bing homepage with hotspots describing the importance of the place which needs to be demonstrated by participant earlier in this contest. Clicking on each hotspot redirects to reference homepage which explains with Wikipedia article.

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