Avatar_unofficial theme

Avatar movie being the latest sensation now, since Google Chrome browser now supports customization with various themes, any user can decorate Google Chrome browser’s border and new tab page with Avatar theme.

But the user interface of the Avatar theme does affect your eyes as it fills Google Chrome’s new tab page background  with dark color. To add Avatar theme to Google Chrome, visit Avatar_unofficial extension page click “install” to bring avatar look to your browser.

Avatar theme for Chrome

Reminding this theme is not yet available in Google Chrome theme’s gallery, so not sure does it support stable version of Chrome. Beta users can try it. If any time to get back to default theme of Google Chrome, select Wrench button, select options and hit the Personal Stuff tab in click “Reset to default theme” against to Themes. Users using  version above Google Chrome 3.0 can change the look of Google Chrome by selecting various themes from Google Chrome theme’s gallery.

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