It is better for every user to know which programs load automatically on Windows startup. If malware has infected your computer viruses, Trojans disguise and configure themselves to run at startup. WhatInStartup shows list of programs that automatically loads at windows startup. So you can disable or delete unwanted programs from running at startup.

Advantages of  using WhatInStartup

1.A significant advantage with this programs is “Permanent Disabling“ feature . That is if you disabled any program , and if that program adds to list of startup programs again ,WhatInStartup will automatically detects that and disables the program again. Very helpful in controlling the  behavior of viruses and Trojans at startup.

2.You can disable or delete unnecessary programs from the startup list.

3. You can select one or more programs and disable them with F7 , delete them with Ctrl +Del and to re-enable selected programs you can use F8.

4.You can know each program’s details like startup type(runs by user or machine) , command line, name, file version , company name, location, file creation time, process path and other attribute details.


Users should not disable or delete anti-virus programs from the startup list. WhatInStartup is freeware and portable , no installation required. Just running the executable shows list of all programs loaded at startup.

WhatInStartup supports from Windows 2000 to current Windows 7 Operating system.

Download WhatInStartup

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