Recently released AVG 9.0 optimizes the scan by scanning for system files and cache them after installing AVG 9.0. It does that to avoid scan of these system files during full scan or scheduled scan next time. Thus scan will be faster and takes less time than expected. But avgchsvx.exe process runs in the background and continues to cache the new files or modified files from old cache, which raises some eye brows from users for eating system resources and continuously reading hard drive.

Optimization scan feature in AVG 9.0 (avgchsvx.exe)

AVG introduced “optimization scan” feature in AVG 9.0 which runs with user consent after you install it in your computer. It scans for systems files like exe, .DLL, .sys and other files and stores the information about them in cache. Next time during scan, it skips these files if unaltered and scans others files. Avgchsvx.exe process is also called as “cache server” performs this function.


Avgchsvx.exe runs in the background in low power mode, it appears in processes list in Task Manager. It continuously reads the hard drive and caches the unknown files, modified files from last cache using NTFS cache journal. This cache will be in every drive in” C:\$AVG\$CHJW”. This folder will be hidden, you need to enable “hidden files and folders” options from folder options in Explorer.

avgchsvx_exe in task_manager

How it works

During the scan avgchsvx.exe asks the cache for information about a file. If that file was not altered and info available in the cache then that file will be skipped.

Can we delete avgchsvx.exe?

No it is not recommended, it makes system unstable and also causes AVG to not to function properly. Presently all drives will be cached with this feature. May be future release versions have the option to disable this function for some drives.

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