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Once you installed Google Chrome, you will be using stable channel which tend to get less updates. The features that are thoroughly tested in beta channel will be rolled out to stable channel. Beta means its unfinished product. Google Chrome releases beta channels to get feedback from developers and users.

Stable, beta and Developer channels in Google Chrome

Beta channel will be stable when compared to developer version where developer version is less stable with new ideas that are going to be implemented . Some time developer channel fails as well, example is extensions which are currently in development. Of course beta channel will be with latest features .

Switching between Stable, beta  and developer channels

Stable channel will have less updates as Beta channel has monthly where as dev channel has weekly updates. If you prefer to taste the new features in beta or dev preview channels, you can switch from stable to beta or to dev channel.for that User should backup their profile having bookmarks, settings, history to restore to stable channel if they want . As the updated profile in beta and dev channels will not compatible with older version.

Backup Google Chrome profile 

To back up Google Chrome profile

  • for Windows XP copy “USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome” and paste in run command in Windows. Open User Data folder and backup default folder to anywhere to a folder called “default backup”.
  • For Windows Vista  copy “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google Chrome “ and paste in run command . Back up user data folder to Default backup .

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Download and install either beta channel or dev channel.

Restart Google chrome and update the browser from wrench menu by clicking “Abut Google Chrome”.

Getting back to Stable Channel in Google Chrome

If you want to get back to stable channel from beta or from dev channel of Google chrome, you have to uninstall the current channel in Google Chrome and reinstall the stable channel. And delete the User data\default folder and restore previously backup Google Chrome profile.

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