Makers of CCleaner, Pirform released yet another useful tool Speccy for PC users. Speccy shows detailed statistics for all hardware parts in user’s computer. It scans the computer and shows system information summary like OS, RAM , CPU, motherboard model, hard drive capacity, graphics and sound cards installed in the computer. Speccy is still in beta.

Use of Speccy

It is true that basic users don’t know even what kind of RAM installed in their PCs whether it is DDR2 or DDR1. But users don’t need that much knowledge about hardware specifications of system, if they have system information tools like Speccy which gives detail for every piece of hardware in their computer.

piriform speccy -system summary

SPeccy features:

1.Scans and shows summary of the system information including all details.

2.It gives detailed statistics and analysis for each item that is shown in summary . Operating System information shows OS version and installed date of OS.

3.Very useful for you to know advanced information like frequency of RAMs installed in your computer, bus speed of CPU, mother board model , chipset version, temperature and health condition of hard drive,  name of the sound card and graphic card.

4.Though it takes less time to scan and show system summary, you can take and save snapshot of your PC with Speccy . You can see system info by loading that snapshot without need for further scan.

5.Speccy is freeware, still in beta . 

Note: Since Speccy is still in beta and should come bug free, hence Piriform recommends Speccy for advanced users only . That too it should be run on test machines.

Download Speccy

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