SHODAN -computer search engine

Fist computer search engine SHODAN has been launched. Sounds bit odd to you as till now you heard about Web search . With SHODAN you can find servers/routers etc. Presently SHODAN  allows you to find data from web servers and some data from SSH, Telnet and FTP as well. SHODAN is presently in beta.

How to search in SHODAN

Having been said it allows to find data presently from web servers, just open SHODAN in browser and type “apache” to find apache servers. You can also find the different apache versions.

SHODAN search results

You can filter the search results to appear in SHODAN to specific country (2 letters ex:US) followed by the query. To explore this computer search engine visit SHODAN website.SHODAN means “search” according to Sanskrit language in India.

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