If you are using AVG free anti-virus on your computer, AVG does keep virus definition update files in a backup folder. But the file named incavi.avm kept in that backup folder will occupy over 40 MB space and can be deleted safely without affecting AVG anti-virus performance.

Purpose of incavi.avm update file

This incavi.avm file is a virus database file stored in backup of AVG will be useful

  • For AVG to use incavi.avm as incremental update file, that is instead of downloading the entire update again, AVG downloads new definitions only.
  • If anything goes wrong, user has the option to revert back to old virus database.

Finding the Location of incavi.avm file

Incavi.avm file located in the backup folder of AVG, which will be hidden and not shown by default in Windows. You need to enable folder options to shows hidden files and folders. Now get to this file location by pasting “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg9\update\backup”, and press enter from the Run command.

You can observe incavi.avm with file size over 40 MB. This file will be downloaded daily and increases in size as you update. So the user should remove this file.

Removing incavi.avm file

CCleaner does find the backup files of AVG as unnecessary and removes them including incavi.avm file, when you run it. AVG will be added as utility in ‘Applications’ category for CCleaner. If you run CCleaner, you can notice it removing more than 40 MB files of mentioning in details of files deleted. If you click ‘view summary results for AVG’, you will observe the same file size for incavi.avm being deleted by Pirifrom tool.

avg files deleted by ccleaner

incavi.avm file in CCleaner

So run CCleaner daily and gain some disk space with it, Of course, it’s better to use the tool daily to clear all browsing history, which protects your privacy and runs system faster.

Update October 23, 2014: You can save more than 40MB, its’s 320 MB with AVG 2015. You can find incavi.avm file backups at ‘C:\ProgramData\AVG2015\avi’ and ‘C:\Windows\System32\systemprofile\AppData\Local\AVG2015\update\backup’, but the problem now is CCleaner isn’t showing these files for deletion in it.

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