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Lot of buzz about Google Chrome OS, some say it will not fulfill desktop experience, some say it’s just only a browser and Web OS. But Google Chrome OS will boot very quickly from a Netbook allows to surf the web within seconds after the startup.

Though you can able to play small games through web apps like chess,  you are not able to experience joy of playing 3D games when compared to desktop computers. Doing  everything from cloud may not be accepted by a desktop user. Chrome OS has more limitations when compared to desktop computers. Chrome OS is entirely for people living on the web. A Gmail id is required to surf the web in Chrome OS. Chrome OS not supports browsers other than Google Chrome , as lot of users today wants to surf web with Firefox.

Google Chrome OS Demo

It is seeing that Google is asking the users to access all stuff from cloud like Gmail, spreadsheets, Google Docs, Calendar from Chrome browser within Chrome OS. So all things surrounding Google services . Google throwing users to surf the web and put their data in Google servers through Chrome OS. You can’t do anything with Chrome OS offline. Though you may able to access certain things offline with Google gears.

There will be no hard drive for Netbook as it will be with flash based. All your stuff is encrypted on the cloud in Google servers .You have to pay some bucks to get Netbook preloaded with Google Chrome OS. 

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