The complete guide to googlewave

Google Wave is a collaboration tool from Google seems to replace Email having been said so by lot of folks. I, yet to explore the features Google Wave, to explore Google wave you need to have be invited by Google Wave preview users. Mean while, if you have a chance to taste Google Wave the Complete Guide to Google Wave written by Gina Trapani and Adam pash from lifehacker will be very helpful.

The complete guide to googlewave

This Google Wave guide is unofficial and will be available as PDF and soft cover print book . However users can read Google wave guide completely free online at

Here below index of chapters in Google Wave Guide

1.Meet Google Wave

2.Get started with Wave

3.Manage your Wave Contacts

4.Find and organize waves

5. Dive Deeper into Wave

6.Master Wave’s interface.

7. Wave Gadgets

8. Wave bots.

This guide will be very helpful for beginners and advanced users of having knowledge in technology . Every chapter explained in detail with screenshots which will be suffice for beginners.

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