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Since twitter is limited to 140 characters only, means you have to shorten any long URL to post or twitter will  automatically shortens it with default URL shortener to fill 140 characters limit. Users never know where a shortened link points to.

Danger with shortened links on twitter

Since anonymity of shortened URL has been used by malware writers to spread malware through these links. Twitter users don’t know where the link points to, and what will happen clicking on those links. As twitter users unaware and clicking them, result in downloading malicious Trojans and viruses into their computers.

Beware of spammers and Phishing scams in Twitter

Your twitter timeline may fill with spam messages and tweets lure you to click on them. Clicks on those links will steal your twitter username and password. Twitter is not new phishing scams and virus attacks. preview Firefox add-on

That’s why it is necessary for the user to know what the actual URL is . Since is the default URL shortener in twitter and also lot of users use to shorten links. has Firefox add-on called preview which shows the page title, long URL, and number of clicks for that link as user hovers with the mouse. preview works for shortened links generated by tinyurl also. preview

As preview shows the actual URL, the user can decide whether to click that URL or not thus he will be safe. preview will not show preview for other URL shorteners except for tinyurl, so twitters users should be aware of whom they are following and what they clicking.

I also request users to use linkscanner from AVG which identifies malicious links in twitter.

Download preview Firefox add-on

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