Twitter is a service which allows to share stuff with in a limit of 140 characters, Yahoo meme has 2000 characters text limit as you can share videos, pictures and other stuff found on web. Now you can post your tweets automatically from twitter to Yahoo meme and also you can post your posts from Yahoo meme to twitter with Twitter-Meme.

Both Yahoo Meme and Twitter are similar micro blogging services allows to share interesting stuff found on web. You can argue Yahoo meme as a copy of twitter, but Yahoo can’t agree for that.

Yahoo releases  twitter- Meme API

Feeling tired of sharing your tweets on Yahoo meme and vice versa, now there is a good news for you Yahoo released an API called twitter–Meme developed by paul tarjan which automatically posts your tweets from twitter to Yahoo meme and vice versa.

About Twitter-meme

Twitter-meme will posts your posts from twitter to Yahoo meme and vice versa on behalf of you. Twitter meme will connect both of your twitter and Yahoo meme accounts. After visiting twitter-meme click “link them up” which will  asks to connect to your twitter account make sure you singed into twitter and click allow. By allowing twitter-meme you have given twitter-meme the read and write access to your twitter account. You can deactivate this after if you want. And  then you  you also need to get approval from yahoo for twitter to access your account.  You can do that by entering your yahoo account password .

twitter meme connecttons

Now in twitter- meme panel page, you can observe two connections from twitter -meme and meme-twitter to post the stuff between twitter and Yahoo meme . You need to have either connection turned on to post from twitter to meme. You have the option of custom formatting in twitter-meme to post posts from Meme to Twitter . for example a picture from Yahoo meme will be posted to twitter with a link to its source .

EX: caption in Yahoo meme for PIC and link to its image .

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