click sumamry chart

The best way to track clicks for links is creating an account. By creating an account in, user can track referrer data, location and number of clicks in real time for links. Now added click summary of all your created links.

From now whenever user sign into his account, at the top of history user can see small chart with number of clicks for the past week and a link to click summary. link summary chart and link

In the summary page, user can see total number and maximum number of clicks generated for all  links over the last 7 days. Referrer details will show the clicks coming from various referrers like email clients, various IM applications , twitter desktop applications like seesmic desktop, tweetdeck and other social networking sites. Locations details will tell from which countries maximum traffic coming. click summary

Presently shows the clicks summary for past 7 days only. In future they will show click summary for month.

Bonus : Bring links created when you are not signed into account  into your account history

We can bring links you are created when you are not signed into to your singed in account history. To do that open account settings and click click here  link for to import them from browser history.

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