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It is very hard to install list of applications one by one after you reinstall Windows .It will be time consuming and also your attention is required. There are various free (Ninite and Allmyapps) and commercial multiple applications installers available on the internet to install various apps very quickly.

1.Multiple App installer-Ninite

One of the easiest free multiple app installer is Ninite . Ninite installs list of applications instantly. Ninite will take care of everything as it installs all apps with default settings. Ninite will automatically un checks any unnecessary browser toolbars for installing apps.  Ninite automatically detects the language in your computer and also checks whether windows is 32-bit or 64-bit. Ninite installs the applications chosen by user, it will not install even itself .

All user need to do is visit Ninite homepage , choose the applications for which he want to get installer. Click “Get installer” to download the installer, Ninite downloads and installs chosen applications automatically.

free applications in Ninite


Ninite supports Win XP/Vista/7. No signup is required to use Ninite. All applications listed on Ninite are free for personal use.

2.Multiple App installer–Allmyapps

Like Ninite, Allmyapps also installs list of applications . But Allmyapps requires registration to use. You also need to install .net framework 3.5 for all Allmyapps to work.

Install .net framework 3.5 in your computer. Validate your account by clicking on the link send to your email after registration. Install Allmyapps installer into your computer . log into your Allmyapps account, choose your apps in Allmyapps website and add to your list . User can choose various applications from various categories. After you confirm the list click install, then browser asks to launch Allmyapps application installed earlier and follow instructions on screen to install list of apps with Allmyapps installer.

allmyapps homepage

apps installed by Allmyapps

The above mentioned Ninite and  Allmyapps both are free applications. Both worked fine, installed and downloaded list of apps very quickly. These two multiple app installers are very productive tools for PC users.

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