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Microsoft released free anti-virus to their consumers named Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) few months back.  I have my view to prefer AVG over MSE . But MSE is very impressive and gives real time protection against viruses. MSE Update Utility updates MSE, if you disabled Windows Update for some reason.

If you stuck on low speed internet connection like Dial-up or something , you can download MSE virus definitions manually and update them to get protected from latest viruses. Downloading MSE virus definitions will be helpful for offline computers also.

There are following cases where Windows Update will be disabled

  • You will disable Windows Update fearing Installing too many updates may slow down your computer performance.
  • Viruses disabled Windows Update in your computer.

Link between Windows Update and MSE

But Windows Updates should be turned on as MSE updates it self automatically and offers protection against malwares. If you are struck on above mentioned reasons, you can update MSE whenever you want with MSE Update Utility without the need of Windows Update feature.


MSE Update Utility  Features

1.By default MSE update utility configured to run at startup.

2.You have the options to configure it to update daily, weekly or monthly depends on your choice. But it is recommended to update daily to get maximum protection against latest threats.

3. Will be useful when Windows update is disabled in your computer.

4. Requires .net framework 3.x to be installed in your computer to run.

5.It’s a freeware.

Download MSE Update Utility

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