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Microsoft accepts vulnerability claims made by Sophos team in one of their blog post that Windows 7 is vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses.  According to sophos blog post they installed Windows 7 on a clean machine with default UAC settings without installing any anti-virus. They subjected Windows 7 to 10  malware samples in their Sopho labs feed. 8 out of 10 samples ran on Windows 7 and its disappointing from sophos team point of view as windows 7 behaved as earlier version  of Windows.

Here below is the report of malware samples ran on Windows 7.

malware samples ran on Windows 7

Microsoft says any users need to run Anti-virus in their computers despite using  latest windows 7 . Users don’t run malware on their computers intentionally because it is like troubling themselves. Malwares will be enter into users computer through download of malicious programs or though opening attachments in emails and other social engineering methods.

Windows 7 built on Security Platform of Windows Vista

Windows 7 is built on security features from Windows Vista with features  like User Account Control (UAC) , Kernel Patch Protection, Windows Service Hardening , Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) , Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and others.

IE 8 Smart Screen Filter and Microsoft Security Essentials

MSFT also says that IE8 SmartScreen filter alerts users from downloading malware into their computers . They also developed Microsoft security Essentials to give real –time protection from malwares and offered it free to their consumers. Users also need to update their OS through Windows update provided by MSFT.


Windows 7 is also vulnerable to viruses . Though the user is using Windows 7,  built on in depth security features of Windows Vista user still need to install anti-virus and use Windows update to update their software installed in their computers to protected from malwares.

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