Malwarebytes Versus IObit

I am using Malwarebytes Anti-malware since long time very effective in removing Trojans, spywares, rogue anti-viruses . I found an interesting blog entry posted on their blog claiming that IObit security 360 database is rip of Mallwarebytes anti-malware.

According to Malwarebytes how IObit steals their Intelleuctual property  

1. IObit is using their database into their IObit security 360 program .

2. The naming schemes used to flag specific key generators with Malwarebytes use is same as with IObit security 360 also. Malwarbytes asks why IObit using their naming scheme.

3. To confirm whether stealing  their database IObit Malwarebytes developed fake rouge program which doesn’t actually exist and they updated definitions database for that rogue program. Within two weeks of time IObit detected these fake programs.

4.Malwarebytes tested some dummy programs and confirmed that IObit stealing their proprietary research and their database . Here below the screenshots released by Malwarebytes for proof.


iobit_security _360 screenshot

5.Malwarebytes demands to remove IObit their proprietary research and database from their software. Malwarebytes wants IObit to be delisted from for violating Terms of service.

Meanwhile IObit posted a blog entry as a reply to Malwarebytes

“We have never used the database of any other companies. And hope Malwarebytes stop spreading malicious  rumors for hyping itself. The ridiculousness .Who will trust and depend on a security product that could NOT even protect itself?.

  A legal letter and an explanation for technical accusation will be released very soon, which will prove that there will be no problem with Intellectual Property Rights .

For the sake of avoiding dispute and possible problems , we have deleted all disputed items in our database temporarily and have updated IOBit security 360’s database.”

I myself used IOBit advanced systemcare and  IOBit Security 360  both are very good free programs one offer PC optimization and maintenance other gives protection from Trojans, spywares and keyloggers. Thanks to anonymous reader for letting me know about this, I deleted his comment(hope he/she don’t mind) and I posted reply as here .

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