Retweet RT which is invented by users of twitter to share others tweets by copying them and placing RT in front with @mention followed by text. This is the way till now tweets are distributed over twitter. Twitter want to add retweet to their micro blogging platform and they tested, rolling out this feature to all twitter users.

All twitter users will soon have this retweet feature available, meanwhile if you are one of those who got retweet feature, twitter shows like in below picture in your twitter page. I have a chance to taste twitter’s new retweet today, I tested it by following twitter designer Zhana(she has already that retweet feature).

retweet to share your tweets

Retweet button added to twitter

Now as this retweet feature being rolled out to all users which is still in beta, you will observe every tweet will have retweet button beside reply when you hover mouse. So this gives the option for users to retweet without using RT procedure, as we are all doing till now.

reply and retweet buttons in twitter

What’s new in Twitter’s retweet feature

This may take a while for twitter users to understand how retweet works in twitter. If you are following some users and if you retweet any of their tweet, their tweet will be send to all your followers. Below that retweet you will observe Retweeted by your name and others . Also in this retweet if any people you follow will appear with their names if they also retweet the same tweet . 

retweeted by your name and others

While retweeting a tweet, twitter asks to confirm whether you want to “Retweet to your followers “ as well.  You can confirm by clicking “Yes” will send that tweet to all your followers.

retweet to your followers

How users can turnoff retweets

Now if you are irritated with too many retweets spoiling your timeline, from now on you can turnoff others retweets. This is where information distribution over twitter will fall. Just open the guys profile you are following, and click and double click the green arrow button twitter will show the confirmation retweets from this user will not appear in your timeline.

retweets from this user apper form your timneline

Deleting a  Retweet from followers timeline

If you felt that you retweeted unwillingly and you don’t want that retweet to stay in timeline of your followers. Just click “undo” button on that retweet, which will delete the retweet from all your followers.

undo a retweet

Turn off retweets while you follow someone

Reminding you that, from now on whenever you follow any user, twitter shows the message “ retweets from this user will appear in your timeline “. So the user has the option to stop retweets of people whom they follow at that moment.

The idea behind twitter retweet feature is to reduce noisy. That noise can be reduced by turning off retweets from the users you don’t like. lated articles