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IE is more vulnerable and attacked by hackers due to users don’t update their Windows. The connection between IE and Windows update is Microsoft releases Cumulative updates for IE every month through Windows Updates. Those who disable windows Update will have vulnerabilities remain in IE. Firefox is different Mozilla releases quick security updates whenever bugs and vulnerabilities are found.

So it is better to have updated version of Firefox with fixed bugs. If you don’t update Firefox, there is no comparison between IE and Firefox then. Some users turns off update of Firefox in advanced panel which is not recommended.

Firefox does check updates for itself, add-ons and search engines by default setting. So If you are concerned about an update of Firefox might disable an add-on.  You can set Firefox to warn you while disabling any add-ons and Firefox will only install update if compatible add-ons updates are found.

User can check Firefox is set to update automatically or not by

  • Open Firefox, from Tools menu click Options>Advanced>Update> select Automatically check for updates to: Firefox, Installed add-ons, Search Engines.
  • And in “When Updates to Firefox are found:” Select automatically download and install update, Warn me if this will disable any of my add-ons.

Click OK to save changes.

 Firefox to update automatically

From now on, Firefox automatically checks for updates and installs automatically if all add-on updates are compatible .Using updated browser always avoids unnecessary security risks and also will be more stable.

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