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If you want to send instant message to any one of your contacts live in Google Wave, you can just Ping them. Pinging is similar to chatting . Once you ping them that conversation will become a wave. The contacts who are online will appear with green ball at the bottom of their profile image similar to in Gmail.

To ping any one of your contacts in Google Wave

Select any contact you want to ping from contacts panel, click on his profile name or picture. Which brings contact’s profile card, In profile card you will observe New Wave, Ping Name, Recent Waves . Click Ping Name which will bring pop up window, enter the message and click “Done”, then it will be saved as a wave in your inbox.

Ping Name in Google Wave

If that contact you pinged is online then he can read the notification live in a pop up window and will replies to it. If he is not online then a pop up window with your message will appear when he signed into Google wave.

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