invite friends to Google wave

Having given Google Wave invitations to few readers, still 12 left though at the time of writing this. Google is not in a hurry to give invitations as lot of guys are queued to grab them. If you have Google Wave invite, but still you can’t invite others because it will take lot more days for you to get invite wave to your inbox.

How to get Google Wave Invite

Since presently Google Wave is in limited preview to get Google Wave Invite

  • Either you have to signup an invitation to Google Wave.
  • Or you have to be nominated by your friend already got Google wave and using it.

Invite Wave to invite others

It took more than a month for me to receive “invite wave” in my inbox to invite others. If you are busy Wave user, testing few waves then there is chance your inbox filled with lot of waves . Then this invite wave can be found by searching “ invite others to Google Wave”.

invite others to Google wave

Open that wave, in this wave you will observe number of invitations available for you to sent to others and a box to enter email addresses to invite. Just scroll wave window below to enter the email address and click it to add to invitation list. Procedure is same for any number of invites. You can observe the invitations left in that wave and also people’s emails ids have been nominated by you shown at the bottom of the wave.

google wave invite

invitations left and nominated

If your invitations are over, after some days Google will send you another invite wave which appear as unread message in  your inbox. Then you can invite your friends and others to explore Google Wave.

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