Google Wave profile

After getting  Google Wave invite, you need to edit your profile because it will show your name only . Since your profile information appears to all users in Google Wave, you need to fill as much information about you like your name, your website address and  upload your profile image to be recognized by others.

This is quite similar to filling your bio in twitter, you can’t get 160 characters in wave though. 

To edit your Google Wave Profile

Click on your name or profile image on top of the contacts panel, which brings profile card. Click “Edit Profile”  type your name and status which you want to visible to others. Enter your website URL opposite to website address. Status in Google wave profile similar to in Gmail shows what you are doing.

Changing Profile Picture for Google Wave

Here you have the advantage to upload picture from your Computer, Picasa web albums, and from Google Image search.  You need to login to your Google account to upload picture. For Google Image Search, you need to enter the search query. Select the images found through image search, you need to give attribution to use this image. Make you sure you maximize the window before using Google image search. After you made the changes, click “Done to save the changes to your profile.

editing Google Wave profile info

Google image search in Google Wave

The changes done to Google Wave profile won’t affect your other Google account profiles.

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