The Scanner is now largely used in Home and office environments to send hard copies into digital image format through Email. Though Scanner requires more than 256 MB of RAM to be installed on your computer, you can still get “not enough memory” or “not enough disk space available” warnings while scanning. This is more related to low system resources than RAM issue.

This is how a Scanner works: While scanning, Scanner stores the Image data in a temporary file in virtual memory. After the scanning, scanner constructs the image data from virtual memory and displays it on the screen.

Having said Windows reserves some amount of Virtual memory for the likes of Recycle bin and other Windows functions. This virtual memory may not enough, despite having high Amount of Physical RAM installed on your system. You can get memory errors mentioning “not enough disk space available “, “Not enough memory available “ or the system hangs.

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The reasons can be

  • Scanning too many documents with high resolutions and color depth.
  • Virtual memory may not be enough to store image data for those documents.

HP recommends following tips to avoid these memory errors while scanning.

1. Though you can set 300 dpi to get best clarity, you can lower the resolution to 72 dpi, which will be suffice for scanning of text documents.

2. Click Start >Run and enter “temp” click ‘OK’ and delete all the temporary files. Similarly enter “ %temp% ” (without quotes) in Run dialog and also remove temporary stuff, which helps the scanner to store image data in a temporary location.

3. Make sure your hard disk space in OS drive has more than 200MB empty space available. If any drive has less than 200 MB free space, Windows shows less disk space warning.